The 'Hover' is a concept audio recorder designed to enable anyone to start their own podcast with seamless, high quality audio.

Personal Project (01/2020)

Computational Audio

We've seen the power of computational photography, now meet the power of computational audio.


As your podcast grows let your setup grow with you. Utilising USB-C add extensions such as ZLR inputs which allow for higher quality mics while still making use of the powerful computational audio, only better!

Smart Assistant

Utilising the computational audio technology, 'Hover' when not recording can be hooked up to a speaker to become a google home smart assistant.


Internals have been designed to be future proof, using the latest in powerful smartphone ARM chips as well as super fast 128GB or 500GB NVMe storage.

Never Forget To Record

Most audio recorders you 'arm' the recorder first before recording, meaning you must press the record button twice to start recording. This is to prevent accidental recording however this leads to a common mistake where you only arm the recorder instead of recording. Hover has a slide to record button with a clear glowing red LED. No accidental recording and no forgetting to record.


Hover creates a RAW audio file which allows you to edit any changes that the hover makes. Hover will then analyse your changes and try to make the next recording more to your liking.



Model making