Biolite Sierra

A university project to design an audio output device for Biolite, that encodes the brand and while fitting within their family of products

University Project (11/2018)

What if Biolite were to diversify into audio?

I started the project by exploring and questions who Biolite are, where they are heading, who their audience are and what I think they should become.


After deciding what I was going to focus on for a Biolite speaker, I then started ideating and thinking of some ideas until one sticked.


Next I developed my idea via a lot of back and forth of sketching and model making, trying to iron out all the details.

Model Making

I made many models, some were simple form explorations others were detail experiments such as multiple different button placements or testing a variety of sectioned handle shapes to develop the feel.


At the same time as model making I was constantly exploring colour, materials and finishes, getting my hands on over 50 different samples until I found what I thought were the right materials collectively.

An outdoor bluetooth speaker designed  with the main aim of being rugged, yet not intimidating, all while maintaining a good quality of sound.

Thanks for reading!